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Sea Moss is Edible Algae 

Minerals From The Sea

A nutrient-dense low calorie ocean super food

We make easy to use, family-friendly products with sea moss which we hope will add value to your life, however you practice being well.

Extraordinary Products Enjoyed in Ordinary Ways


The Whole-Body Whole Food

There is no wrong way to eat or drink sea moss. The essential minerals and vitamins in this edible algae helps heal, soothe, repair and maintain body parts. It goes with any diet—vegan, vegetarian, paleo and meat-friendly—and can enhance your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. Choose from our condiments and snacks to get your nutrition preferences on!


I Believe That Our Foods Have What We 

Need To Help Us Be Well

I have enjoyed sea moss my whole life. A few years ago, I started researching more about its nutritional benefits, and I was blown away. I had known it for so long—just not how good it really was.

The Big Little Super You Never Knew Could Do So Much

Nutrient Dense. Ready-To-Eat. 100% Natural. Sustainable & Functional. Diet Friendly. Food That's Medicine. 

I can remember the health results in the first few days.  Energy. All over body just feeling healthy and limber. Some slight knee pains gone. Sleeping through the night.  Skin softer. I just feel good because I know I am eating a food that is helping me with every bite.  Thank you Mossum!

About Mossum

Mossum is a brand specialist in products made with sea moss. Mossum is the feeling of well-being after ingesting sea moss.

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