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COVID-19 Statement

Dear Valued Customer and Partner,


As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to escalate around the world, we share Mossum's commitment to you, our customers and partners. The safety of our community – customers, partners and team members, is our primary concern.


Mossum is committed to a vigilant and painstaking approach in running our business under the given circumstances, based on the latest advice from the CDC and state of Illinois. In addition, we are implementing the recommended guidelines to minimize the risk of further spread. We are continuously monitoring the situation.


First and foremost, our plan prioritizes the health and safety of staff, so we can continue to deliver the products you can count on. Further we continue to practice good health and safety and communications measures  and protocols that include:

•    Area Cleaning   •    Personal Hygiene   •    Illness Reporting   •    Suppliers 

With regard to shipping, we will continue to process your order within 3 days of receiving it. We use the shipping method applied and ship your order in the best way to preserve freshness. However standard delivery times may be hindered and arrive one or more days later than expected. Be patient. Tracking your order will be easy through the tracking information email that you receive once the order is shipped.
These precautionary measures have been taken to support our staff, and to ensure that we maintain our ability to serve you, our customer, for the long term. 


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you during this challenging time. We value your trust.


Ready to buy? Get yours.

Kim Jean

Founder, Mossum

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