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Extraordinary Products. 
Enjoy in Ordinary Ways.

Made with the ocean superfood sea moss


Sea Moss Pieces

Additive. Salad Topper. Soup and Stew Thickener. Garnish.

Sea Moss is Mother Nature's Gift From The Ocean

Nourish your body one minerals and vitamins packed spoonful at a time

Sea Moss Truffle

Beverage Companion. Snack or Treat. Or just because. You deserve a Sweetie.


Healthy Indulgence

We start with sea moss and combine it with other ingredients that provide a uniquely different kind

of flavor experience


Sea Moss Biscuit Cracker

Snack it. Dip it in soup and salsa. Dress it with cheese and butters.

The Big Little Super You Never Knew

Could Do So Much

Nutrient Dense. Ready-To-Eat. 100% Natural. Sustainable & Functional. Diet Friendly. Food That's Medicine.

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Our Founder

Introducing Kim Jean, Mossum founder

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About Mossum

Mossum is a brand specialist in products made with sea moss. Mossum is the feeling of well-being after ingesting sea moss.

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