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Our Founder

I believe our foods have what we need to help us be well

Kim Jean is the founder and owner of Mossum, a consumer goods company in Chicago that makes products with the edible algae sea moss. The name Mossum comes from combining the words sea moss and yum. 

Miss Kim (as she is lovingly called) was born and raised in (Simply Beautiful) Saint Lucia. She has known sea moss her whole life. Her mother made a wonderful milk drink that was spicy and delicious. They knew it was good, just not how good.

Miss Kim started Mossum in order to let the rest of the world in on an island secret- a secret to living well and one known by the islanders for generations as a drink (and for the men a common belief that it was good for their libido).  A few years ago when she started consuming it regularly in various forms and began conducting her initial research she was blown away by the nutritional benefits. “I eat, drink, sea moss. My knowledge of its goodness, the simple ways to use it that truly builds, strengthens and protects the body from the inside out, is the reason I started Mossum.”

She realized how much of her newly achieved well being - what she called tangible results (including soft, supple and clear skin, clean scalp, regular bowel movements and a smooth cycle) had been a direct result of sea moss in her daily diet. This sparked an idea. Could she use this amazing ocean algae and combine it with ingredients from the trees and land in order to share its nutritional benefits? The answer was obvious! Why not?  

“One day I stepped out of the shower and after toweling off, I realized that my skin did not feel splitting dry. It was a few weeks in since using sea moss consistently in my food. It dawned on me that sea moss does what it is documented to do. Along with Vitamin K and its water balancing ability, they work in tandem to keep my skin moist, bright and tight, giving it a healthy glow.”

It is from here that the Mossum journey began. It has been an enlightening process. Miss Kim has learned that we all love healthy products, and also want the preparation to be convenient. So her original raw sea moss product has undergone many transformations over time. It is with love in her heart and a true desire to help her friends and community that she has painstakingly conducted her own research by questionnaires, focus groups, street fairs, expos, grocery store testing and by sheer force of will that she has designed the products under the Mossum brand. You will find the beauty and soul of the Caribbean alongside sea moss's valuable minerals and vitamins in each and every product.

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