Innovating Sea Moss

Where the ocean meets the trees

Mossum delivers quality products made from real ingredients, harvested from the ocean and land. Our process is clean, fresh and simple. We start with wholesome raw sea moss - grown and harvested - from the Caribbean region. Next, the sea moss undergoes stringent soaking in order to remove the sea salt casing from the plant. Then we chop it up for our recipes and finally we prepare, package and deliver to our customers.

Hand crafted in our kitchen, Mossum products offer small batch quality you typically can’t find in the mass produced convenient nutrition market.  We're innovating sea moss without compromise of its vast nutritional value. Our sea moss products are designed to be incorporated into your lifestyle. They are easy to use and keep well in the fridge or pantry. Some of Mossum’s products are combined with natural ingredients from the land but you will never see artificial additives or preservatives on our ingredients list. Each of our products delivers convenience in a way that makes it part of your healthy eating life style and an easy addition to the meals you are already preparing at home.