How To Enjoy Sea Moss

Sea Moss is getting a bit of buzz lately. And as it should. This ocean vegetable super food is proving to be all that and a bag of Mossum Biswi Biscuit Crackers. :). As someone who gets some form of it in my body everyday, I can testify to its awesomeness. I say that I eat, drink, sea moss. Every chance I get, I tell others they should at least give it a try. However, a conscious try. Regular use of sea moss becomes personal to you the user. Helping to improve in areas that it can make you better. My form of choice to use sea moss is in the raw form. I add it to my cooking whether it's stove top cooking, any kind of salad or when I make a drink.

Every now and again I get asked, how do I use sea moss? I am an advocate for using this multi-minerals edible algae in your everyday food regimen, and with your whole family. Any age, every stage of life. I put it into four categories - Additive, Seasoning, Thickener and Garnish.

Additive - as an additive it's great for smoothies. just one or two teaspoons for single serve smoothie will suffice. And also for salads - fruit or vegetable fresh salads. Start with one tablespoon depending on the size.

Thickener - adding sea moss to your hot cooking is a great way to get other picky members of your family to get its benefits. When exposed to heat, it melts and thickens sauces in soups and stews.

Seasoning - parsley, turmeric, chives and ground seasonings are better with sea moss mixed in. Use it with your sautés, broiled, grilled or baked creations.

Garnish - with sea moss's interesting appearance, it's perfect as a garnish for your soup, decorative appetizer and dessert.

Any one of these or combination of ways you use sea moss, you get the healing properties from its macro and micro minerals that impact skin and bones, circulation, digestion and respiration wellness. My tangibles may not be yours, but tangibles you'll see. I suggest these terms to describe how to to use sea moss because it's that simple. You only have to decide to use it. After all, this gift from the ocean just wants to get in your body and do what it does best...make you better.

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