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Updated: Feb 17

Hello and welcome to Mossum, the home of sea moss. I am truly glad that you are here. Mossum makes simple, nutritious family-friendly products with the minerals rich ocean algae, sea moss. On our website you're welcome to browse, learn and experience, share with us and join our community and contribute. Our blog is called Mossisms. The name is a summation of what our company stands for, believes and operates on. The awesome power of sea moss - what it can do for your body: plus beliefs and practices - isms.

Mossisms is a bi-monthly feel good two-fold blog which 1) highlights the properties, uses and benefits of sea moss and 2) lifestyle practices that are isms. These are quick and edutaining reads which occasionally will include recipes. Just as we want our products to bring value to your life - however you practice being well, we hope that Mossisms brings a smile and puts in the mood for more. So feel free to reach out. Join our mailing list. Submit a feel good ism of your own. We'd love to share it.

Here's a dinner idea for tonight - rice + sauté Alaskan pollock fish collards and mustard greens, tomato and jalapeño peppers + grated raw radish and sea moss to garnish.

My name is Kim Jean. My friends call me Miss Kim. I am the founder of Mossum. I hope you will enjoy you time here and come again. If not for the great read, then for scrumptious pictures of the easy ways to add sea moss to your diet, every day, any way.

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Mossum is a brand specialist in products made with sea moss. Mossum is the feeling of well-being after ingesting sea moss.

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